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The Vet Specialist

An interview with Leah Cohn, Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine

Many animal owners look to their community veterinarians for routine checkups, immunizations, and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries. Community practice veterinarians are general practitioners, like family doctors. However, like family doctors, community practice veterinarians may see patients that could benefit from the care of a specialist. Dr. Leah Cohn, Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine and Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, wants people to know that veterinary specialists exist, and at the University of Missouri Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, those specialists are on call to help.

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Dr. Cohn's Biography

From an interview with Leah Cohn, Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine

Dr. Leah Cohn introduces her background in veterinary medicine practice and research. She says she wanted to be vet as far back as she can remember; “My father used to tease me that they built the vet school across the river from the hospital I was born at because they knew I was coming,” she tells us.

Why is this research or creative activity important?

From an interview with SyndicateMizzou, a project of the Center for eResearch

Whether their work seeks to counter domestic violence and ethnic genocide, identify cancer treatments, or employ literature and music to understand humanity, these MU faculty describe in their own words why this work is important to society.