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How Big Mess Begets Great Art: Papermaking at Its Best

An interview with Jo Stealey, Professor of Art

When Jo Stealey leans over and plunges her arms elbow deep into a tub filled with cream-colored slurry—a combination of fiber pulp and water—it seems plausible that her husband has dubbed her “Queen of Big Messes.” At MU’s Fiber Studio, located in a repurposed industrial dormitory kitchen, she greets us in a knee-length rubber apron, informing us, “I usually wear rubber farm boots, too.” Holding a frame and screen (called a mold and deckle), she reaches into the tub and sieves a rectangle of wet cotton-like fiber, shaking gently to strain out the water. A sheet of paper is born.

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Book Sculptures

From an interview with Jo Stealey, Professor of Art

Stealey explains the purpose of interactive art, as exemplified by sculptural books.