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All Things Jazz

An interview with Arthur White, Assistant Professor, School of Music

From blues and punk to rock and roll, Arthur White has at one point in his life played in nearly every kind of band, but now he believes he has finally found “the perfect gig.” As the director of MU’s Jazz Performance Studies program and Assistant Professor in the School of Music, White now handles all things jazz at MU.

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Teaching How to Rehearse

From an interview with Esterhàzy Quartet, Faculty Ensembles in Residence, School of Music

One important skill a student quartet member must learn is how to perform with fellow members of the quartet. Key to that is learning how to rehearse.

From Preparation to Performance

From an interview with Arthur White, Assistant Professor, School of Music

From selecting charts and arrangements to planning the nitty-gritty details of rehearsals, considerable work goes into preparing for concert performance. “Sight reading is a very important skill,” remarks former director Leibinger, “and the more you sight read, the better you are going to get.” Being able to take a brand new score, and breathe life into the notes on the page is a wondrous thing. After a few weeks, they begin focusing on the harder parts. As concert day nears, the director and band must quickly determine how to spend the remaining practice time.