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Distant Perspective

An interview with Peace Corps Fellows, MU's Peace Corps Fellows Program

Sometimes, in order to see the status quo, it takes a little distance. When MU’s Peace Corps Fellows return to the United States, they bring their global perspectives to the University of Missouri campus in order to open the minds of students, staff, and community members. Nathan Jensen, Jennifer Keller, Amy Bowes, and Andy Craver are among this year’s fellows. Their work in distant countries has changed them, helping them grow. Now they’re sharing their experience and newfound attitudes with MU.

Young Minds Performing Research

An interview with Linda Blockus, Director of Undergraduate Research

Can nest conditions predict what kinds of predators can masticate a bird? What effects do controlled drugs have on the formation of persistent follicles in beef cows? How resourceful is the neglected art of video poetry? These were just some of the questions that approximately 120 undergraduate students were attempting to answer during the summer of 2007.

The Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum, held at the end of July at the Bond Life Sciences Center, allowed students to present their scholarly research projects to the public. MU students specializing in an array of concentrations were stationed at posters describing their findings.

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Looking to the Future

From an interview with Peace Corps Fellows, MU's Peace Corps Fellows Program

The Peace Corps experience changed all of these fellows. Each of them plans on continuing to partner with people in other countries, although their specific aspirations are quite different. Jensen wants to work in the area of international development, hoping his experience will help him to deploy funding wisely, while Keller plans to earn a degree in policy and get involved with with non-profit organizations. Bowes hopes to gain a position in a foreign embassy, and Craver aims to pursue a PhD in anthropology and conduct field research abroad.

An Altered Vision

From an interview with Peace Corps Fellows, MU's Peace Corps Fellows Program

The Peace Corps experience helped each of the fellows see America differently. Jensen describes his newfound skepticism when he looks at international development agencies. Keller knows that the Peace Corps has influenced her to understand the world from a West African perspective. Craver felt a degree of closeness to his host family that is rare in the U.S. Bowes has noticed the overwhelming choices in U.S. grocery stores. “You’d go into shops in Africa and there would be ten or twelve things on a shelf, and maybe one of each, too,” she recalls. “Here, we never run out of anything.”

Linda Blockus, Making a Difference

From an interview with Linda Blockus, Director of Undergraduate Research

Even though the student researchers are usually not going to get their studies published in an academic journal, these researchers have an opportunity to make a difference with their findings. For example, every summer approximately twenty researchers go to Jefferson City to present their finding to lawmakers. “We work with the students to take their posters, turn those posters into something that very accessible to the public and elected officials,” Blockus explains. “This is our way of reminding the state officials of some of the things we do, and the special ways we are adding value to student experiences here at MU.”