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The Size of the Future

An interview with Shubhra Gangopadhyay, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Shubhra Gangopadhyay is the one of the few female faculty at MU’s Center for Micro/Nano Systems and Nanotechnology. She’s also the one in charge of developing the center. In the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, of which Gangopadhyay is the LaPierre Endowed Chair Professor, she is one of three women. “There is a shortage of female scientists and female professors, in general,” Gangopadhyay says. “And in engineering, it is really not good.”

Interpreting Purchasing Power

An interview with Suraj Commuri, Assistant Professor, Marketing Department

There are some people in the online world who prove to be more influential than others in terms of the information they provide to the public. For example, exclusive and time-sensitive price data or reviews of new products are the types of information that these third-party individuals seem motivated, even compelled, to offer to as many people as possible. Much to the initial annoyance of companies, such information bears importantly on influencing actual purchasing behavior.

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Nanotechnology for the Consumer

From an interview with Shubhra Gangopadhyay, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Though most of Gangopadhyay’s work is at the research stage, some of her ideas are already sold for commercial use. For instance, she helped develop a plasma-coated plastic, which is both fog- and bullet- proof, to be used on airplane windows. A gene-gun that blasts medicines or genes into cancer cells could revolutionize oncology.

Video Game Advertisements

From an interview with Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz, Assistant Professor of Communication

Behm-Morawitz also studies video game advertisements that promote certain racial and sexual stereotypes. The graphic art in these ads, she explains, is so advanced that some of her students had trouble identifying whether an animated character was real or not.

Practical applications for understanding history: Weems’ recent work

From an interview with Robert Weems, Professor, History Department

“One of the scariest things I found in researching Desegregating the Dollar was that as early as the 1930s,” explains Weems, “corporate marketers figured out that black people had an especially acute case of status anxiety” because of their particular history of slavery. Weems’ current project reacts against the conspicuous consumption celebrated in the realm of hip-hop as “bling-bling.”

Marketing Mavericks

From an interview with Suraj Commuri, Assistant Professor, Marketing Department

“Marketing Mavericks”—people who exercise a new kind of power in the online world by influencing consumer behavior online. How people use this online information from specific purchasing websites (such as Amazon.com), where people post reviews of products and where other people read those reviews as part of their decision-making process. Research methods: using the internet to unobtrusively gather data about people’s real behavior, prior to more direct investigation by questionnaire or interview.