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"Make Some Noise"

An interview with Bin Wu, Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Bin Wu has been responding to real-world problems related to industrial systems design for twenty years. “When we talk about industrial system design,” he explains, “we are talking about how to put facilities, people, and information systems together so that this system can function for whatever purpose it was designed to serve,” whether to manufacture or to supply. Traditionally, says Wu, when designing an industrial system our main consideration was always productivity – how to produce or manufacture things more efficiently. Three years ago, however, the MU Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering received a wake-up call that changed the direction of his work.

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Plans after Graduate School

From an interview with Graduate Students, Life Sciences

When asked, each individual reveals ideas about their post-graduation plans. When he graduates, for example, William Donald Thomas plans to continue the same type of research in molecular biology, in search of better treatments for breast cancer. Brian Bostick is a MD/Ph.D. student, earning a medical degree alongside a Ph.D. He explains: “My hope is to combine both clinical work as an MD, working with patients, but also to keep a research career going.” As such, Bostick intends to keep developing treatments for heart disease and “try to transfer those breakthroughs we are having in the laboratory to the bedside and help human patients.” Regarding his own ideal plans following graduation, Severin Stevenson says he would like to work in private industry for a while, but hopes that after some years of this he will return to teaching.

“There’s actually a lot you can do with a Ph.D.,” says Erica Racen. “Traditionally, people think that you go into academia and have your own lab. But I have a passion for teaching. Having come from a small liberal arts college, I would like to go back to that environment and teach.” Amy Replogle similarly reports a passion for teaching, saying, “I would love to become a professor at a small institution.”

While Andrew Cox is not certain what direction to take after graduation, he knows that he loves doing research. “I am less thrilled with the grant writing, the constant rejection, and the cut-throat nature of academia,” he responds. If he had to guess, Cox suspects that he will eventually teach: “I love interacting with students. There is really not much more thrilling than getting someone interested, involved, and engaged in research.”

The Missouri Industrial Assessment Center

From an interview with Bin Wu, Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Officially opened on September 1, 2006, the Missouri Industrial Assessment Center’s purpose “is to be the center in the state to provide services and resources to promote energy efficiency, particularly industrial energy efficiency.” The IAC carries out activities in the areas of research, education, and outreach. Since its establishment, the IAC has been busy conducting energy audits and workshops for manufacturing organizations throughout the state. Because the IAC provides practical experience for students, helps manufacturers improve energy efficiency, and develops best practices in industry, Wu calls it a “win, win, win situation.”