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Distant Perspective

An interview with Peace Corps Fellows, MU's Peace Corps Fellows Program

Sometimes, in order to see the status quo, it takes a little distance. When MU’s Peace Corps Fellows return to the United States, they bring their global perspectives to the University of Missouri campus in order to open the minds of students, staff, and community members. Nathan Jensen, Jennifer Keller, Amy Bowes, and Andy Craver are among this year’s fellows. Their work in distant countries has changed them, helping them grow. Now they’re sharing their experience and newfound attitudes with MU.

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Is Globalization Overpowering Democracy?

From an interview with Sandy Rikoon, Professor, Rural Sociology

Rikoon’s most recent book, Is Globalization Overpowering Democracy?, is the culmination of fifteen years of research with people in the Czech Republic in Eastern Europe, in particular the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Biological and Ecological Systems.