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Reconstructing the History of Earthquakes, Mountains, and Volcanoes

An interview with Mian Liu, Professor of Geological Sciences

Becoming a geologist was not the original aspiration for Mian Liu, Professor of Geological Sciences. The Chinese government assigned him to the discipline when he was 17 years old, a course of study he later followed at Nanjing University. His initial lack of interest in geology had much to do with the way the subject was taught. “The focus was not on understanding the processes; we were forced to memorize lots of facts,” he explains. Instead, Liu’s earliest interest was in physics, which “just seemed more intuitive.” He began sitting in on a variety of lectures and found that he preferred learning about geophysics, the physics of the Earth, eventually earning a Ph.D. in that area from the University of Arizona.

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Computer Simulation as an approximate of nature

From an interview with Mian Liu, Professor of Geological Sciences

“I always have to remind my students that computer simulation is an approximation of nature," says Liu. "The most useful part of computer simulation is to allow us to better understand the fundamental physics.”