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In Search of Democracy

An interview with Michael Ugarte, Professor, Romance Languages Department

Like many researchers, Michael Ugarte finds his research to be rooted in his personal history. "My research is connected directly to who I am, what part of the world I come from, and where I grew up," begins the MU Professor of Romance Languages. As we sat in his tiny office, I found myself staring into the kind eyes of this gentle soul, mesmerized as he described the personal connections involved in his research.

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Foreign Aid and Democracy in Africa

From an interview with Simone Dietrich, Assistant Professor, Political Science

Dr. Dietrich is currently working on a paper that examines aid and democracy consolidation in Africa. The goal of this study is to understand what conditions make foreign aid likely facilitate national transitions to democracy, and what conditions can lead to “democratic deepening.”

Is Globalization Overpowering Democracy?

From an interview with Sandy Rikoon, Professor, Rural Sociology

Rikoon’s most recent book, Is Globalization Overpowering Democracy?, is the culmination of fifteen years of research with people in the Czech Republic in Eastern Europe, in particular the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Institute for Biological and Ecological Systems.

What was the motivation behind SyndicateMizzou?

From an interview with SyndicateMizzou, a project of the Center for eResearch

Founder and director John Miles Foley explains the thinking behind the creation of SyndicateMizzou, with its mission to make research and creative activity occurring at MU accessible to the public on a 24/7/365 basis.

Why was the Center for eResearch established?

From an interview with SyndicateMizzou, a project of the Center for eResearch

The Center for the Studies in Oral Tradition, founded in 1986 by John Miles Foley, became the model for the Center for eResearch. The mission of the CeR is to bring together people from diverse fields doing innovative research on Internet or digital projects so that they might profit from the exchange of ideas.