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A Passion for Improving Percussion Pedagogy

An interview with Julia Gaines, Director, School of Music

Julia Gaines wanted to play drums in her junior high school band. She sat in the classroom on the first day of band, listening to the director call roll; when he read a student’s name, the student would call back the instrument he or she wanted to play. By the time he called for Julia, not one girl had called back “percussion!” So, lackluster, she responded “clarinet.” Julia resigned herself — her dad had suggested clarinet, and it was a more “girly” instrument, she thought. But then roll call reached the T’s, and a girl named Karen Thompson proudly told the class she wanted to play drums. Hearing that another girl was interested, Julia shot up her hand: “Oh, oh, oh, I want to play percussion, too!”

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Percussion Class & Performance with Lee Elementary Students

From an interview with Julia Gaines, Director, School of Music

Dr. Gaines teaches classes in drums and gourds to students at Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School in Columbia through the school district’s Partners in Education Program. Every year, the classes perform in a percussion recital hosted by the MU School of Music at the Missouri Theater.

Directing the MU School of Music Toward New Facilities

From an interview with Julia Gaines, Director, School of Music

Dr. Gaines was appointed as Director of MU’s School of Music in the summer of 2014. Her primary goal for her tenure is to break ground on a new building for the School of Music. 3-D modeling of the new building is courtesy of the College of Arts and Science; for more information on the entire renovation and building project, visit coas.missouri.edu/development/som.shtml.

The Group's Origins and the Esterhàzy Legacy

From an interview with Esterhàzy Quartet, Faculty Ensembles in Residence, School of Music

Members of the group discuss the origins of the Esterhàzy Quartet on the campus of the University of Missouri in a relationship resonant of the Esterhàzy court of Vienna, which was patron to Franz Joseph Haydn.