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Collateral Consequences

An interview with S. David Mitchell, Associate Professor, School of Law

When S. David Mitchell leaves for work in the morning, he isn’t sure which hat to wear. Sometimes he is a law professor, and sometimes he is a sociologist. On most days he wears both hats at once—an interdisciplinary approach to research that seems to bode well. As an associate professor in MU’s School of Law, Mitchell’s teaching and research feed off each other, focusing on the intersection of society and the law. While his teaching covers topics ranging from torts and criminal justice administration—from “bail to jail”—the courses he gets most excited about involve his main area of research, including “Law and Society” and “Collateral Consequences of Sentencing.”

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Other Research Projects

From an interview with S. David Mitchell, Associate Professor, School of Law

Mitchell has been focusing his research on citizenship issues, felon disenfranchisement, and the retroactive application of ameliorative criminal laws. He also continues to write in the area of sociology and the law, and has revised earlier work on the African-American middle class for an edited volume that comments on Franklin Frazer’s Black Bourgeois and issues of class, identity, and race.