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Hip Hop Feminism

A visit with Treva Lindsey, Assistant Professor, Department of Women and Gender Studies

By Kelly Washatka
Published: - Topics: Women's and Gender Studies popular culture hip hop feminism

Chris Brown and Relationship Violence in Hip Hop Culture

Topics: Rihanna hip hop

The controversy about Chris Brown’s violence towards Rihanna was re-ignited recently by his appearance and awards at the 2011 Grammys. Dr. Lindsey is disturbed by the way Chris Brown has been accepted back into the community without putting forth a concerted effort to change, and how, conversely, Rihanna has been criticized for her behavior with little consideration of her as the victim of an abusive relationship. This is a concentrated, publicized example of the unfair treatment and nonchalance towards relationship violence on the larger scale in the young, marginalized communities that Hip Hop connects with.