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When Pottery Bolsters the Spirit

A visit with Bede Clarke, Professor of Art

By LuAnne Roth
Published: - Topics: art ceramics pottery teaching inspiration

Adding Embellishments

Topics: art ceramics

Once the pot has been thrown, the potter must make decisions while the clay is still wet about handles, trim, texture, or other decorations—details that can add a lot to a piece. If it is kept wrapped in plastic, the artist might have a week or two to finish it. Clarke takes a moment to consider the pot he has just finished throwing and decides that—were he to continue working on it—he would want to alter or embellish it in some way. Clarke has observed that it takes students about 12 weeks of concentrated work to get these basics. “It’s a skill, but it’s more,” Clarke explains. When he asks students how they feel when they are really “getting it,” they report that they feel “connected” to the clay.