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When Pottery Bolsters the Spirit

A visit with Bede Clarke, Professor of Art

By LuAnne Roth
Published: - Topics: art ceramics pottery teaching inspiration

“Throwing” on the Potter’s Wheel

Topics: glaze kiln

While he also works with drawing and painting, ceramics is Clarke’s major creative area. “Ceramics is a very demanding discipline,” he says. “After 35 years, I still find it challenging, so I tend to focus on it – maybe because I find that I need to, to do something that’s any good at all. It still takes a lot out of me to do good work.” His creative activity tends to focus on two areas. One involves drawing and painting on clay with abstract and figurative imagery, and the other is wheel-thrown pottery fired in a wood kiln to achieve the desired glaze effects. Clarke moves behind the potter’s wheel to offer a demonstration on the art of throwing a pot.