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"Make Some Noise"

A visit with Bin Wu, Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

By LuAnne Roth
Published: - Topics: engineering industrial engineering manufacturing systems energy energy efficiency

How Wu Came to This Area of Work

Topics: research outreach

Following years principally involved in research, Wu now spends more time working with both students and the public on energy efficiency and the environment. As he puts it, “I feel very strongly that every one of us needs to do something and behave in responsible ways, individually or collectively, [to] do something about it.” As an educator, Wu gets the message out to his students, who he says are the future: , “It’s really a very fulfilling thing to do. I have been a professor for all of my professional life—doing research, writing books and other publications, and teaching. I can honestly say that what I’m doing now regarding energy efficiency is absolutely the most fulfilling.”