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Mapping the Cultural Landscape

A visit with Soren Larsen, Assistant Professor, Geography

By LuAnne Roth
Published: - Topics: geography environment GIS human geography floods

The Canadian land claims treaty process

Topics: hydroelectricity First Nations

“There is a land claims treaty process that is going on in Canada,” Larsen reports, “but generally the native people in the province of British Columbia are very dissatisfied with it because it asks them to do things in terms of Western court procedures as opposed to their own indigenous ways of knowing and establishing these things. The Cheslatta are among two-thirds of the native bands that are withdrawing from the treaty process completely—as a matter of protest and also as a matter of expediency” as they seek to join forces with other groups. As a matter of fact, the lumberyards in Columbia will likely contain Cheslatta forest products that derive from this band of 500 individuals partnering with a multi-national timber firm.