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Beyond the Bologna and Cheese Metaphor

A visit with Meera Chandrasekhar, Professor of Physics

By LuAnne Roth
Published: - Topics: physics semiconductors heterostructures design quantum confined heterostructures

Chandrasekhar’s research as a condensed matter experimentalist

Topics: physics solids

Meera Chandrasekhar describes herself as “a condensed matter experimentalist,” that is, a physicist who studies a class of materials called condensed matter systems (formerly known as “solids”). Within this class are three types of materials: insulators, which do not allow electricity to flow; conductors, which do allow electricity to flow; and semiconductors, which “have conducting properties that are in between that of insulators and conductors.” Chandrasekhar has spent most of her research career seeking to understand the special properties of this “in-between” class of materials.