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Veterinary Medicine

Working Together to Find a Cure

An interview with Carolyn Henry, Associate Professor of Oncology

When asked to describe the field of comparative oncology, Carolyn Henry says, “You would probably get a different definition depending on who you ask that question, [but] when we think of comparative oncology here at the Vet School, we think of treating animals that develop cancer on their own just like people do and finding ways to treat that cancer better and that may translate into better treatments for people as well.” Henry’s interest in oncology began while she was working in private practice as a veterinarian. “It seemed like the cancer patients were the ones I found the most interesting and the most rewarding to treat,” she explains of her decision to pursue training and certification in veterinary oncology.

At First Sight

An interview with Kristina Narfström, Professor, Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Imagine waking to a bright, sunny day, but not really being able to see. Some people go their whole lives without witnessing that vivid red ball from their youth or the facial features of a loved one. Kristina Narfström, a veterinary ophthalmologist at the University of Missouri, is doing research that promises to provide some light at the end of the tunnel.

Race for a Cure

An interview with Christian Lorson, Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is the leading genetic cause of infantile death and the leading genetic killer of children under the age of two. As an associate professor in MU’s Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, Christian Lorson has dedicated his life’s research to the study of this devastating disease in hopes of someday developing therapies to replace the diseased gene with a ‘healthy” one.

The Vet Specialist

An interview with Leah Cohn, Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine

Many animal owners look to their community veterinarians for routine checkups, immunizations, and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries. Community practice veterinarians are general practitioners, like family doctors. However, like family doctors, community practice veterinarians may see patients that could benefit from the care of a specialist. Dr. Leah Cohn, Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine and Director of Graduate Studies for the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, wants people to know that veterinary specialists exist, and at the University of Missouri Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, those specialists are on call to help.

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