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The Uniforming of Students and the Construction of Multiracial Identity

An interview with David Brunsma, Assistant Professor of Sociology

There are a lot of anecdotal claims about school uniforms helping to level economic status, increase attendance rates, create a healthier school environment, curb school violence, increase academic achievement, and so forth. Unfortunately, none of them have been substantiated. And yet, according to recent estimates, today “roughly 25% of our elementary public schools have mandatory school uniform policies,” observes David Brunsma, whereas in the mid-1990s only 5% had such policies.

Technology and Society Intertwined

An interview with Amit Prasad, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Dr. Amit Prasad, Professor of Sociology, began his interest in MRI research as an undergraduate, when, due to a bad headache, he got a CT scan. When he was given the results, he was fascinated by the technology’s ability to create images of the inner body. At the same time he was curious about what he couldn’t see in the images. From that point on development and application of computer-assisted technology such as MRI became Dr. Prasad’s focus in his academic career.

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