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Beyond the Bologna and Cheese Metaphor

An interview with Meera Chandrasekhar, Professor of Physics

Meera Chandrasekhar, Professor of Physics at MU, describes herself as “a condensed matter experimentalist,” that is, a physicist who studies a class of materials called condensed matter systems (formerly known as “solids”). Within this class are three types of materials: insulators (Styrofoam, plastic, and rubber), which do not allow electricity to flow; conductors (metals), which do allow electricity to flow; and semiconductors, which “have conductivities in between that of insulators and conductors.” Chandrasekhar has spent most of her research career seeking to understand the special properties of this “in between” class of materials, and she speaks lovingly about how these semiconductors are unusual by virtue of their limited electrical conductivity and their particular response to light.

Putting Physics First

An interview with Dorina Kosztin, Teaching Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

The shelves of Dr. Dorina Kosztin’s office are full of colorful toys and apparatus, all demonstrating the power of science. As a physics professor, she is particularly fond of these toys because they show the practical, real-world dimensions of her field, well beyond the abstract equations and formulas typical of textbooks. Indeed, Dr. Kosztin has devoted her life to making physics a more accessible subject for students. Through her ongoing work, she has initiated major changes not only for programs in American institutions but in the very foundations of its classrooms.

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